Why Ziga Inc. is the answer on finding a business partner.

Why Ziga Inc. is the answer to finding a business partner.


Everybody knows that networking is the key to success, especially in the business world. Yet most people search for ages on finding reliable people to connect and communicate with. Not only that, when people believe they have found the right business partner, most of the time their choices are not that good.


There are too many obstacles on the path to be part of a trustworthy community of like-minded people, but it should not be that way, and also why can’t finding a business partner be a smooth procedure?


Well, actually it can be…and Ziga is the answer!


With just 3 clicks you are ready to connect with people from different parts of the world, ready to communicate with you, share ideas and get down to business!


Whether you want to discuss a project, find a business partner and even invest in a business idea, you just fill in your personal info, upload a picture and search for people to connect!


Who said that finding a business partner should be expensive? Ziga Inc. provides a free subscription to its members! Plus, if you want to have extra features you can always choose a premium subscription with just 4.99$ per month! That’s cheaper than a cup of coffee!



Why is Ziga different? Simply because it’s not just another social media platform where you add random people to your network and then nothing effective will come. Verifiable members of Ziga’s community are all ready to actually provide a solution to each other’s business problems.


Besides, during the times of the Covid pandemic, we must all support each other in order to achieve our goals together and become financially independent!

5 Ways To Find A Business Partner In 2021

Businesses are conceived and formulated in different manners. If you are an amateur business owner and looking to expand your business, a reliable business partner always takes you to the next level. However, it isn’t that easy to find a reliable partner in the world we live in today.


Finding a partner that is serious and reliable at the same time can seem to be an uphill task. Some people have searched many years for a trustworthy partner and settled for a friend or family member only to find out that it’s not that simple. A true business partner will keep you motivated to keep completing your own tasks while handling business from a different angle. That’s why it’s best to have a partner with different experiences that can cover your personal weak points.  In this post, we will be discussing five proven ways that can help you find a business partner in 2021.




Surprise! You must be wondering why LinkedIn is on this list? Yes, it is a job portal that helps you in finding jobs, but at the same time, with LinkedIn, you can build several connections that could prove fruitful in the future.


On the contrary, people are not easily approachable on LinkedIn. The reason behind this is that many users are unaware of the opportunities one can grasp from LinkedIn. The chat option isn’t too responsive, and you may have to wait for long to initiate a conversation with someone, or never even get a response from them.



Facebook Groups

Well, we all are aware of the power of social media, and when we talk about social media, Facebook is the undisputed king. Making connections on Facebook is easy, as it is one of the most used social media platforms worldwide.


However, the only flaw with the Facebook Group is that there are too many distractions. The groups often get flooded with too many unrelated replies, spammers, and scammers. Facebook could be a great approach to finding a true business partner, but you will have to deal with multiple distractions that could leave you overwhelmed.



Ziga Inc.

Ziga Inc. is a dedicated iOS application to find business partners with ease. The app provides small business owners with a simple yet effective approach to find business partners. Despite being new in the territory, the application has managed to be very helpful among its users. This looks promising for the app in the long run, and we can expect elevated users on Ziga Inc. in the near future.


On the downside, Ziga inc. is currently only operating on iOS, and isn’t expected to be out for android until June 2021.




Found2be is yet another portal that allows a business owner to connect new people and connect with them. The Found2Be service enables people to find like-minded individuals who can form a partnership. You have to be above 18 to use this service and should approve the terms and conditions.



The only drawback of using this service is you can use this service only on Windows PCs.



Meetup Meeting

The final service on the list is Meetup Meeting.- This service allows you to find events nearby or geographical locations that you have already set. You can host online or in-person events and meet people in your local community who share the same interest. One of the spiciest things about this service is that it allows you to form a group, which can be recommended to interested people.


The only downside is that that meeting in groups hasn’t been the way of life recently. Hopefully, the company can soon find another way for their users to Meetup.






5 ways to prepare your mind for success

Topic: 5 ways to prepare your mind for success

Travel the world // meditate // Developing an Abundance Mindset // Show Gratitude // Set a new morning routine


Becoming successful is difficult for some people because it takes a huge shift in the brain to release old bad habits. Almost everyone is passionate about becoming successful but there are only a few individuals who have been genuinely working towards it. To start working on your sanity is the first step in attracting success in your life. This may sound silly to you, but a healthy and positive mind plays a big role in making an individual wise and wealthy. Here are five ways that can help you prepare your mind for success:


  1. Traveling the world: This will help you evolve as a person. Visiting unexplored destinations, interacting with unknown people, and learning about new cultures and traditions helps you gain a soulful and spiritual experience. It makes you feel light, and cherish every bit of your experience and look forward to new journeys, and appreciate your past experiences. Traveling to distant places and unknown locations will help you de-clutter your mind and learn more about yourself while feeling at peace with your soul.


  1. Meditation: Controlling your mind is very important for achieving success, a healthy mind, and peaceful living. It is rightly said that “We become what we think”. Meditating regularly can help you protect your sanity amid all the chaos that you are currently experiencing. You can sit in a quiet area, or even choose any of your favorite activities like reading, cooking, dancing, singing, and swimming as a form of meditation.



  1. Developing an Abundance Mindset: If you wish to become wealthy in life you can create an abundant life by focusing on your strengths, and getting yourself surrounded by like-minded individuals. You need to eliminate the thoughts of scarcity and start enjoying things that you already have, and focus more on keeping yourself engaged in activities that you love.


  1. Show gratitude: Gratitude is another way that can help you prepare your mind for success. Start learning to enjoy and feel grateful for things that you already have instead of feeling disgusted and sad about what you don’t have in life. This is a very important exercise for achieving success. Always be grateful for what you already have, and stay focused on developing a positive mindset.



  1. Set a morning routine: Starting your day in a positive and productive mindset will help you in breaking through all your unhealthy habits. People who wake up early and start their mornings with the things that push them one step closer to their goals, usually reach success much quicker. Waking up with a purpose, making your bed, set your daily goals, exercising, doing some good deeds, meditating, and spending quality time with nature and family will always be rewarding for you if you desire to become successful in life.




Becoming successful is a beautiful journey and only determined, dedicated, and disciplined people can achieve it. Incorporating some effective changes in your routine life will help you achieve your goals and become a successful individual in the long run.




If you are looking for ways to prepare your mind for success? Download the Ziga App now and meet with like-minded people and experience the joy of socio-business networking at the comfort of your fingertips. Connect with other entrepreneurs to share your method and also learn from them. It’s easy, quick, and highly rewarding.


Starting a business from home

Have you been wanting to start your dream business but lacking a dedicated workspace? Why don’t you start a business from home and explore the joys of having a unique set-up that saves you time, money, and creates comfortability around the clock? You can also avail maximum tax benefits, eliminate the need to commute to and from work, and easily maintain a flexible work/ life balance.


Statistics show that roughly 69% of entrepreneurs in the U.S. have commenced their businesses at home. Over 50% of U.S.-based small-scale businesses are currently operated from home. The year 2020 is a game-changer and access to the best-in-class technologies is your ultimate lifeline. You as an aspiring business owner will need to gear up and tune in to these technologies for making your home-based business successful.


To make this transition a hassle-free experience, it will require you to cover all legal aspects in advance. It can be a tedious task in the beginning but it will save you from the aftermath of having your idea stolen, an unfair partnership, or much worse being sued. Below is a highly recommended checklist to start your journey of becoming a successful business owner:



1. Choosing your line of interest in which you would want to venture into as a business owner

2. Selecting a preferable business structure (sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, corporation, etc)

3. Deciding a suitable business name

4. Registering your business

5. Obtaining a Federal tax id, state tax id, Permits, and Licenses

6. Opening a dedicated bank account

7. Securing Patents, Copyrights, or Trademarks



Are you having puzzled thoughts over starting a business from home? Download the Ziga App now and meet with like-minded people and experience the joy of socio-business networking at the comfort of your fingertips. It’s easy, quick, and highly rewarding.