Starting a business from home

October 23, 2020

Have you been wanting to start your dream business but lacking a dedicated workspace? Why don’t you start a business from home and explore the joys of having a unique set-up that saves you time, money, and creates comfortability around the clock? You can also avail maximum tax benefits, eliminate the need to commute to and from work, and easily maintain a flexible work/ life balance.


Statistics show that roughly 69% of entrepreneurs in the U.S. have commenced their businesses at home. Over 50% of U.S.-based small-scale businesses are currently operated from home. The year 2020 is a game-changer and access to the best-in-class technologies is your ultimate lifeline. You as an aspiring business owner will need to gear up and tune in to these technologies for making your home-based business successful.


To make this transition a hassle-free experience, it will require you to cover all legal aspects in advance. It can be a tedious task in the beginning but it will save you from the aftermath of having your idea stolen, an unfair partnership, or much worse being sued. Below is a highly recommended checklist to start your journey of becoming a successful business owner:



1. Choosing your line of interest in which you would want to venture into as a business owner

2. Selecting a preferable business structure (sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, corporation, etc)

3. Deciding a suitable business name

4. Registering your business

5. Obtaining a Federal tax id, state tax id, Permits, and Licenses

6. Opening a dedicated bank account

7. Securing Patents, Copyrights, or Trademarks



Are you having puzzled thoughts over starting a business from home? Download the Ziga App now and meet with like-minded people and experience the joy of socio-business networking at the comfort of your fingertips. It’s easy, quick, and highly rewarding.


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